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Flying saucer stolen from Roswell UFO museum

A large flying saucer stored outside at the International UFO Museum didn't just get up and fly away. Police are looking for a group of brazen spacecraft thieves.

UFO Museum
The red arrow points to the missing UFO.
International UFO Museum/Arrow added by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Quick, call Dana Scully and Fox Mulder! We have a mystery worthy of an "X-Files" investigation underway in Roswell, New Mexico.

Roswell was the sight of an infamous alleged UFO crash back in 1947. The town still celebrates that legacy today with an annual UFO festival and the International UFO Museum & Research Center, a popular tourist destination.

The UFO Museum had a mock-up of a flying saucer embedded in an outside corner of the building. A snowstorm this past winter knocked it off, so the staff took it out back and stored it under an awning behind the museum. It is now mysteriously missing.

The Roswell Police Department sent out a plea on Facebook on Monday with the title "Be on the lookout: Missing spaceship." Thieves apparently made off with the craft overnight during the weekend. Surveillance footage showed three suspects with a red pickup truck carrying the saucer off, according to the police.

It should be hard to hide the UFO. It's made from fiberglass, metal and stainless steel and is wider than the truck bed it was spirited away in. It had been repaired after its winter storm adventure and was just waiting to be reinstalled on the corner of the building.

Facebook commenters have given the police some helpful suggestions. One person recommends contacting NORAD, the organization tasked with the "detection, validation, and warning of attack against North America whether by aircraft, missiles, or space vehicles."

Another Facebook fan suggested the aliens from the 1947 crash may have come back for their spaceship. One person insists the missing prop is not a flying saucer, but actually a weather balloon. Hopefully, this is one X-File that will come to a speedy resolution with the return of the beloved UFO.

(Via Albuquerque Journal)