Ubuntu on an Acer notebook--in Singapore

An advertisement from a PC and storage seller in the Southeast Asian country pops up online.

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Erica Ogg
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This deal isn't necessarily practical unless you plan on swinging by Memory World in Singapore relatively soon, but the electronics seller is advertising an exclusive Acer Aspire notebook preloaded with Ubuntu for about $660 ($999 Singapore dollars). (Link courtesy of SingpaporeHardwareZone.com)


But even for those of us non-locals, it's definitely interesting. It makes us wonder if Acer might be considering Ubuntu as a preinstalled option for U.S. customers too. Company spokeswoman Alison Williams said, "For now, Acer America (U.S., Canada, etc.) has no plans for Ubuntu on our Aspire or TravelMate PC lines." Her comment doesn't rule out Acer doing so in the future or offering it on other products, so this could be something to watch for.

Dell brought Linux back to its PCs this year, to praise from its customers. The Ubuntu version of Linux is now available on five models, and apparently there's more to come, according to Ubuntu inventor Mark Shuttleworth.

Thus far, Dell customers seem pleased, judging by the user comments on the company's Direct2Dell blog. And while sowing goodwill with a specific niche of customers is something Dell needs to do more of, Acer, on the other hand, doesn't need to offer Linux. The company is on a completely different trajectory than Dell. The Taiwanese company came out of practically nowhere to take the mantle of third-largest PC vendor in the world in the first quarter of 2007. Its shipments for the second quarter were also impressive, up 55 percent worldwide, the most of any PC maker.