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Uber X, Windows 10 and metadata warrants in Girt by CNET podcast 13

Ride-share drivers get a lift to court, the Attorney-General thinks warrants are onerous, Vodafone offers an alternative to fixed line broadband and Windows 10 manages to actually look good.

Metadata: Aussie politicians may not be able to explain what it is, but that won't stop them from talking about it. Now Attorney-General George Brandis wants us to do away with warrants for metadata, because it's a bit of nuisance for the law enforcement officers, what with all that paperwork, just for the back of a digital envelope.

Vodafone meanwhile has a new home 4G product and service offering, giving you the Huawei Cube that can connect up to 32 devices and loading it up with 25GB of 4G data for AU$90 a month. Is it the signal that Aussie mobile data costs may be about to tumble?

On topic of tumbling, Uber X drivers are being taken for a spin in court as NSW Transport cracks down on ride-sharing -- we look at the slightly confusing legal status of the whole kit and caboodle.

Girt by CNET podcast 13

Finally, how about that Windows 10? Unified interface and experience, cross-device Cortana, streaming Xbox One games and a dedicated Augmented Reality product: has Microsoft finally cracked the code and built the OS we've been waiting for?

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