Uber should rename itself Jump

Commentary: The ride-hailing company just bought itself a rebranding opportunity.

Sean Buckley Social Media Producer

Jump's bike-sharing service is awesome. Now it's owned by Uber. 

Sean Hollister/CNET

I just heard that Uber bought the Jump bike-sharing service Monday. That's a shame. I liked Jump.

The company dots the streets of Washington DC, San Francisco and Sacramento with rentable, electric-assist bikes that zip along at breakneck speeds. It's cheaper, easier, healthier and faster than hiring an Uber -- and comes with 100 percent less awkward conversation with your Uber driver about being an Uber driver.

It was the anti-Uber.* Now it's owned by Uber. That makes me sad. Now I'm worried the company is going to paint the bright-red bicycles black and call them Uber Bikes. That would suck. 



They should rename Uber to Jump Cars.

Never mind, I'm totally OK with this acquisition now. 
**Sure, Jump bikes have been available to rent from the Uber app ever since the companies partnered to launch the "Uber Bike" program earlier this year, but they were still Jump bikes.

Sean Hollister/CNET