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Uber driver insults famous football coach (who's the passenger)

Commentary: Former University of Texas coach Mack Brown gets a ride from an Uber driver who has something to say about Mack Brown.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Brown in his coaching days.

Getty Images

Those in the service business are under a lot of pressure.

They talk to people all day, and sometimes words come out before thoughts.

This may have been the case with an Uber driver in San Antonio, Texas.

ESPN's Adam Amin tweeted that he and former University of Texas coach Mack Brown jumped into an Uber on Tuesday. Brown is now an ESPN analyst.

Amin described what happened: "Mack & I get in an Uber in San Antonio. Uber driver: 'What do you think about the new Texas coach? Cause Mack sure couldn't coach.'"

At this point, you might imagine that Brown could have either kept silent or offered a sharp retort. Instead, according to Amin: "Mack: 'He sure couldn't.' Uber driver: *turns around....YOU'RE MACK BROWN.' Mack: 'Hey there.'"

One imagines there might have been silence at this point. Indeed, Brown told the story his own way at a dinner on Wednesday (video below).

Brown was the Texas coach for 16 years. He went 158-48 and his team won the national championship in 2005. He might have had a few down years near the end of his tenure, but it's not as if Texas has offered stellar football since he left.

Uber didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. Amin, however, made a comment of his own when the ride was done.

"One star review," he tweeted. After some critical noises from the commentariat, Amin clarified that he "didn't give him any review. 'One star' was a joke."

A little like the University of Texas football team currently. The Longhorns finished 5-7 this year.