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#UberChopper is the most Vegas way to book a ride this CES

Just order your UberX via your smartphone to take you to your personal chopper ride over the Las Vegas Strip. And just like that, we reached peak CES...

Uber is partnering with Maverick Helicopters in Las Vegas to give CES-goers UberChopper rides.
Maverick Helicopters

It's CES week and you can't move in Las Vegas without running into tired-looking suits wearing lanyards and desperately telling you about their latest Bluetooth-connected gadget.

So how do you avoid the crowds?

Get to ze choppa!

For the first four days of the world's biggest tech show, January 4 till 8, CES visitors will be able to order their very own Uber helicopter ride to fly them over the strip.

#UberChopper, as it's been dubbed, is a partnership between local tour operator Maverick Helicopters, and the global ridesharing company. It's not a first for Uber -- the company has tested the offering on CES visitors before, and has offered chopper rides to everywhere from Cannes to Coachella before (because of course Coachella).

CES visitors can request a sky-high ride via the Uber app and have an UberX driver take them direct to the Maverick Terminal to board their flight.

Sure, the flight will only last 12 to 15 minutes (which will no doubt be massively eclipsed by the time spent sitting in the terrible Vegas traffic to get there), and spaces are limited, but $99 is not a bad way to get your own taste of a true CES gimmick. That is, if you manage to actually snag a spot.

But get in quick. You likely haven't seen men in suits this desperate for a helicopter ride since "Die Hard" (or as we like to call it, #GruberChopper).

If you're not at CES, you might be missing out on the chopper rides, but you don't have to miss out on everything that's happening. CNET is on the ground at CES in Las Vegas (quite literally -- no time wasted in the air for us) covering all the launches, products and news so you won't miss a beat.