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U.S. Navy uses laser to take down drone

The Navy plans to put the first laser weapon on a ship, the Galaxy Note 8 rivals the iPad Mini, and Starbucks offers a new way to get iTunes freebies.

CNET Update is powering up the laser cats:

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Lasers are coming soon to a battleship near you. The U.S. Navy posted a video of a laser weapon that set fire to a drone, and it plans to put one on a ship by the end of the year. One shot of energy from the laser costs about $1.

Also featured in this tech roundup:

- The Galaxy Note 8 is an impressive 8-inch tablet that's tripped up by a $400 price tag. But if you like a stylus, you might not mind that it's more expensive than an iPad Mini. Read the full CNET review here.

- An executive at WhatsApp denies the report that its talking to Google about a buyout. But this isn't the first time we heard rumors that this chat app might be for sale.

- Starbucks is offering a new way to download the Pick of the Week iTunes freebies: through the app, over its in-store Wi-Fi network. And there's an exceptionally good freebie being offered this week to test out the new feature.

- Scientists in Japan are studying ways to tell what you're dreaming about by looking at neurological patterns. Just another step closer to inception.

- The Google Play app has been redesigned to make it easier to discover new things to download. Once upgraded, you can take to your Tumblr page to post your feelings about the redesign with the updated Tumblr app.

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