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Two NFL stars lose fingers in separate fireworks incidents, say reports

Technically Incorrect: Star defensive lineman Jason Pierre-Paul of the New York Giants and Tampa Bay Bucs cornerback CJ Wilson are both said to have had July 4 mishaps.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Jason Pierre-Paul of the New York Giants. ESPN/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It all started last week with the government warning people to be careful with fireworks.

By Sunday, reports emerged of a Maine man who died after igniting a firework on top of his head. His mother subsequently said that he thought the firework had been a dud, something the government video specifically warned against not going anywhere near.

Then a Texas man died after lighting a firework from his chest.

Now reports are emerging about two NFL stars who may have jeopardized their careers by losing fingers in separate fireworks incidents.

ESPN's Adam Shefter reported that star defensive lineman Jason Pierre-Paul of the New York Giants had his index finger amputated on Wednesday after a July 4 fireworks incident. Earlier reports suggested that he had burned flesh off his hand after a fireworks-related incident.

Tampa Bays Buccaneers cornerback C.J. Wilson lost two fingers, reported the Tampa Tribune, after another fireworks-related incident.

I have contacted both the Giants and the Buccaneers for confirmation and comment and will update, should I hear.

Fireworks are dangerous concoctions of chemicals. Being extra careful -- especially on July 4 when drink could be involved -- is the only thing to do.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission's annual fireworks report (PDF) shows at least 11 deaths occurred in nonoccupational fireworks-related deaths in 2014. Four died in house fires, seven as a direct result of fireworks impact. 10,500 people were injured in fireworks-related incidents.

It's not as if this isn't a depressingly common occurrence. The biggest casualties statistically are younger men and boys.

In Pierre-Paul's case, Schefter reports that medical experts suggest he may play this season. Wilson's career might be in jeopardy because he is more of a fringe player, according to the Tampa Tribune.