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Two new headphones from Acoustic Research hit this fall

Acoustic Research will be releasing two new high-end headphones that allow for 5.1 surround on the go.

Acoustic Research

Acoustic Research announced two new specialty headphones models on Friday: a 5.1 USB solution and wireless headphones that offer uncompressed sound quality up to 100 feet.

The ARW200 5.1 Dolby Digital headphones connect to any PC or Mac via an open USB port and provide you with three separate speakers in each ear. The headphones also fold up in an included travel bag for 5.1 on the go. Also included is optional software should you want to save your personal treble and bass settings. Retailing for $100, the ARW200 are available now. We recently took a look at the Turtle Beach Ear Force AK-R8 and will put these two head-to-head for our review.

The AWD209 Wireless Headphone System complements the AWD510 that we recently reviewed, except the 209s do not offer true 5.1 surround. Instead, these headphones have two speakers in each ear cup, one of which is completely dedicated to bass output. Acoustic Research claims the phones will work up to 100 feet via the 2.4GHz transmitter and will provide uncompressed sound for up to eight hours. The AWD209 will be available in October for $150.

Look for reviews of both these headphones in coming weeks.