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Two more reasons to move to Utah

My neighbors rock.

Reason #1: We will be skiing through July this year.

Reason #2: Shirl, my neighbor.

I found Shirl in my house when I got back from Grand Targhee. His wife called us during our drive home to inform us that our front door had been open for some time, perhaps as long as a day (she had just seen it). This is Utah, so I wasn't overly worried about any of our stuff missing. We almost never lock our doors.

Our front door has had problems in staying closed. We must have not locked it before we left and the wind pushed it open. Well, Shirl decided to take care of it. I came back to find him taking apart our lock so he could fix it. The lock is now fixed. The door stays closed.

You can't buy neighbors like that. :-) (Perhaps just as good are my neighbors directly across the street - he's a pediatrician and she's the best cook on this planet.)