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Two great posts on MySQL

There are many things that MySQL could be doing differently. Here are two informed opinions.

Two great posts were written over the weekend on MySQL, and I'd encourage you to read both. The first is from Pierre @ Milking the GNU who has some ideas for how MySQL/Sun can make money with a 21st-century software business. The second is from Glyn Moody, wondering if MySQL has forgotten some essential lessons.

Which brings me to a topic of my lunch-time discussion with Dries Buytaert, founder of Drupal and co-founder of Acquia. More on that later, but we both wondered if maybe the pressure on MySQL to close off some extensions comes from trying to build a traditional database business, rather than using MySQL's huge community to innovate something completely new (or, at least, like Google/Amazon's EC2)?

Worth thinking about, but there are no easy answers.