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TwitVid app lets you send iPhone videos to Twitter

iPhone 3GS owners can now send videos they've taken directly to Twitter using TwitVid's new iPhone application.

TwitVid.com (not to be confused with Twitvid.io), the service that lets users affix videos to Twitter messages, has a new application out that lets iPhone 3GS owners post videos they've taken directly from the device.

Users can record a new video, or choose from an existing one in their libraries. It also features a handy upload bar to let you know how far the video has to go before it's done. The big twist is that TwitVid's got some technology running on its end that lets your followers start watching the clip before it's even done uploading.

For now this is a standalone application, but in the next few weeks other applications such as TwitterFon will be making use of TwitVid's APIs to let users upload their videos. Also worth noting is that it can be installed on Apple hardware without video capability such as the original iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPhone 3G, however for obvious reasons it won't let you record, or even upload any videos from these devices.

TwitVid's new iPhone app lets iPhone 3GS owners quickly upload videos that can be stuck into new Twitter messages. TwitVid / CNET