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Twitter's Qwikster wants money from Netflix

Jason Castillo, who happens to own the Qwikster handle on Twitter, suddenly wakes up to the notion that he could make money out of Netflix. He hadn't tweeted for a month.

You might consider Twitter's Qwikster a mere huckster.

But what would you do if you suddenly woke, perhaps late in the day, and realized that your Twitter handle might help you get a handle on the credibility known as cash?

Should you have been unaccountably stuck in a mailbox over the last 24 hours, you might not know that Netflix decided to separate its DVD business and call it Qwikster.

This decision appears to have been taken with such qwiksterity that no one thought about whether someone might have taken on this name as his or her Twitter handle.

As it happens, the person in question is called Jason Castillo.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

His Twitter feed has not, thus far, been something that you would want to forward to your friends. (Sample: "YEAH BUDDY in D.C about to go bike ride ganna have some fun")

Castillo hadn't even tweeted since August 16. What he had tweeted would have largely been bleeped by most networks. However, with Netflix's decision to suddenly name a new (old) brand after his Twitter handle, Castillo woke up to power and stared it down.

Like a sleeping beauty emerging from a traumatic experience, he offered: "Man so much to plan so much deal so much negotiation n I want a plan when I still have part of it n stiL be making bank."

Bank is clearly where it's at these days. Especially if you work at Goldman Sachs.

The thought of bank clearly put Castillo in the mood for further forays into self-expression.

"Dang @netflix got me the follower but they haven't talked about negotiation or interviews #that'sSoEmbracing," he tweeted.

I know there will be quite a few human beings who will suddenly feel like embracing Castillo. They will be impressed that he has changed out his Elmo-ish picture in favor of the logo of the great Barcelona soccer club. Yes, the club that enjoys the presence of Lionel Messi--which is how some might describe everything that surrounds Netflix these days.

Castillo's newfound fame has already brought him more than 8,000 followers. What he needs, though, is for it to bring him more than $8,000. The man seems to struggle with feeding himself--at least if this tweet is to be believed: "Dang nothing to eat tf lls :P ima ask my dad for money for I can go buy somthing."

In the hours and days ahead, Castillo's smiling face will be revealed. The reason for his Qwikster handle will be analyzed and debated. But, as Netflix wallows in a rather stinky mire of its own making, will anyone truly begrudge Castillo his windfall?