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Twitter proposals: Good or bad?

Would you use the microblogging service to propose marriage to your beloved? Let's hear from you. Poll

Marriage proposals on Twitter
What do you think about popping the question via Twitter?

Has to be the dumbest idea imaginable. Besides, Twitter's down again.
It's sweet. Welcome to the 21st century. Why not?
No opinion.

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Western civilization may never again be the same.

Grant Robertson, who goes by the Twitter handle, @grobertson, used the microblogging service to propose marriage to his girlfriend, Christina Warren, known in the tweetosphere as @film_girl. (Thanks to Erick Krangel for bringing this to everyone's attention.)

This isn't the first time nerds have turned to technology for amorous pursuits. But it's about as cutting edge--or lame, as it gets. All depends on your point of view. So sound off and vote in our poll to the right.