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Twitter kills #Music, adds tweet view count

The social network retreats from its failed music service and tests a way to show how many people read your tweets. Also, Google adds new party tricks to the Chromecast with the Photowall app.

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In this episode of CNET Update:

  • Bid farewell to Twitter #Music. Twitter is killing the failed music service on April 18, and has already pulled the app from iTunes. When it launched a year ago, it was designed as a place to discover new tuned based on what others were tweeting about. But it flopped. Navigating through the service was a mess, and most folks just wanted to stick with the simple streaming services they knew, like Spotify and Pandora.
  • You may soon know how many people read your tweets. Twitter is testing a new feature that shows the views of a tweet, but only a few users are reporting seeing a view count on the iOS app. If we know how many people read our posts, we may be more encouraged. Or it could give us all more anxiety when we realize no one cares about our carefully crafted tweets.
  • Command LG's new smart light bulb with an app. But you don't need to wait for LG's bulb to create a smarter lamp -- devices like the Belkin WeMo Switch already make that possible.
  • For your next party, use the Chromecast Photowall app to turn your TV into an interactive photo frame. Anyone with the app can take a photo and display it on your TV, and in the end, a YouTube video is created with all the images from the Photowall.

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