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Arguments break out on social media over jobs report

Social Cues: Also trending on Twitter are Nicki Minaj's three new songs.


The economy takes the top trend on Twitter as tempers flare over who deserves credit for 235,000 new jobs in February.

A report detailing last month's US employment stats came out Friday. Instead of taking it at face value, people on Twitter are bickering over which president gets the applause for job growth.

Social Cues is our look at what people are talking about across Facebook and Twitter. Here is what's trending this Friday:

#JobsReport: February's employment report shows that 235,000 jobs were added to the economy last month. It's the most new jobs in three years, with an increase in construction and manufacturing. On Twitter, people are arguing over who deserves credit. Some argue that President Donald Trump is still riding the waves of Barack Obama's run, while others say that Trump accomplished the gains.

Nicki Minaj: The rapper tops the trending charts after releasing three songs Friday. Minaj has two trending topics on Twitter, for "Regrets in Your Tears" and her diss track "No Frauds." The latter is a response to her rap rival Remy Ma, who trended on Twitter in late February after she released the song "Shether" to re-spark their feud. Minaj's response may be trending on Twitter, but most people on social media are unimpressed with "No Frauds," criticizing it for coming late and also for an assist from rappers Drake and Lil Wayne.

Jimmy Garoppolo: You can thank Instagram for some chaos in Football Twitter. The New England Patriots quarterback who's not named Tom Brady is trending on Twitter after an Instagram post from his account hinted he was being traded to the Cleveland Browns, the worst team in the NFL. It later turned out that the post was either a hoax or that Garoppolo's Instagram account was hacked, according to Despite the post coming at 1:30 a.m. PT/4:30 a.m. ET, it was the buzz around Twitter, with people still unsure whether Garoppolo was being traded or not.

Julian Assange: The WikiLeaks founder is trending on Facebook after announcing he will provide the CIA's alleged hacking tools to tech companies before making them public. Assange plans to release the CIA's cyber arsenal of cyberweapons once their exploits against companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft and Samsung are disarmed. On Facebook, people are posting about WikiLeaks' actions and that people should be concerned if the CIA's hacking capabilities are real.

South Korea: Two people were killed in South Korea during protests over the president's impeachment. After a court order Thursday night formally impeached President Park Geun-hye, chaos broke out in Seoul's streets. The president was impeached for a dramatic scandal involving bribery and corruption, which Samsung has been tangled up in. The impeached South Korean president is trending on Facebook.

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