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Twitter feed reveals nirvana of human doltishness

The NeedADebitCard Twitter account offers a fine list of people who have shared pictures of their new debit cards. Yes, from the front, names attached. Please facepalm now.

Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk

This is for all who believe trust between humans was dead.

This is also for all who somehow thought that homo sapiens were frightfully sapient people, merely hamstrung by the limitations of the technological world.

For this is a Twitter feed called NeedADebitCard. It serves a vast social purpose.

Yes, it reveals all those who happen to share pictures of their brand new debit cards. Full frontal. Numbers exposed. Names attached.

Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk

It is currently unknown who is behind the site. However, the names of those who indulge their Instagramming, most creative selves in order to expose their debit cards seem entirely real.

Hark at Brandy Frazier (Twitter handle @BrandyFagsack), who excitedly tweets: "My debit card came in the mail today!"

Yes, there really is a picture of her debit card.

What is most compelling, of course, is that there are so many of such posts. Indeed, if you crawl to #NeedADebitCard, you will be appalled, delighted, sickened, amused, and astounded by these tweets.

Naturally, some speculate that the vast majority of those tweeting these pictures are teenagers, who have so little money that their identity is scarcely worth stealing.

However, this is surely a dark view of affairs.

Isn't there something so stupendously endearing that the need to share our most intimate secrets has now far overtaken our need to protect our insignificant selves?

This is the future. It is one of trust, openness, and a connectedness beyond all imagination.

Mark Zuckerberg told you so, didn't he?.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET