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Day Without Immigrants protest takes top trend on Twitter

Social Cues: Also trending on social media is the drama unfolding around #HurtBae.


A day of protest from the nation's immigrants is the top trend on Facebook and Twitter.

The protest urging immigrants to stay home is intended to show the country how much of a role those noncitizen residents play in communities across the US. Also trending on Twitter this Thursday is collective sympathy for #hurtbae.

Social Cues is our look at what people are talking about across social media. Here is what is trending on Facebook and Twitter this Thursday:

Day Without Immigrants: A protest on Thursday has immigrants across the US skipping out of school, work and shopping to show how important they are as a group to American communities and the economy. It's being planned in cities like Philadelphia, Boston and Washington, in response to the president's stance on certain foreigners coming into the US. The "Day Without Immigrants" is trending on Facebook and Twitter, as the argument rages across social media over US immigration policies.

#hurtbae: A drama unfolded before Twitter's eyes as a video from The Scene showed two ex-lovers trying to get closure after breaking up over an affair. The six-minute video shows a man revealing to his ex-girlfriend all the times he cheated on her and explaining why. The clip led to the trending hashtag #hurtbae with people sending their sympathy on Twitter and what they would have done in her situation. The real #hurtbae announced on Twitter that she's in a happy relationship now. Who needs soap operas when there's Twitter?

48 Jewish Centers: During January, 48 Jewish centers across the US received bomb threats over the phone, in what CNN is calling "telephone terrorism." The report looked at the spike in anti-Semitism since 2017 began. The trending topic on Twitter has people sharing their concerns, including President Trump's remarks on Wednesday about how he plans to end racism.

Mike Ilitch: The late Little Caesars founder is trending on Facebook after a story surfaced about him paying Rosa Parks' rent. Ilitch, who also owned the Detroit Tigers and Red Wings, had been paying the civil rights pioneer's rent for years. The news had been reported initially in 2014 by Sports Business

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