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Twitter: Don't you dare tweet your mom for Mother's Day

A PSA from Twitter tells kids in no uncertain terms that Mom is worth more than a tweet. Yes, she's worth a call.

How about a visit? Too much?
Twitter/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

You know how you love tweeting? You know how Twitter is the epicenter of your universe, the medium of your message?

Well, Sunday is Mother's Day and Twitter has a message for you: Don't tweet.

At least, don't even think of tweeting your mom to wish her Happy Mother's Day.

How do I know this? Well, Twitter released a PSA (yes, crises such as this need a PSA) to explain to you (boys) that momma deserves more than a tweeted hug and kiss.

To use Twitter's own words, if you are thinking of tweeting your mom to tell you that you love her: "What the f*** are you doing?"

Your mom deserves more (parenthetical thought: your mom's probably not on Twitter anyway).

But what does she deserve, at least according to Twitter? She deserves a call.

Yes, that's it. No flowers, no gifts, no surprise visit.

Your mom deserves a call, because "you don't need the Internet for everything."

It is established, therefore, that a call is more personal than Twitter.

It's touching that Twitter would have the self-awareness and self-deprecation to recognize the moments for which its own service is inappropriate.

However, perhaps it still needs to work on considering that it might be wise to send a tweet, a gift, call and make a surprise visit.

Surely, moms deserve all the love they can get.