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'Twin Peaks' missing posters are some damn fine viral marketing

Missing posters for Laura Palmer have been popping up around Sydney. Needless to say, our interest was peaked.

Now playing: Watch this: 'Twin Peaks' posters ask where is Laura Palmer?

We're just over two months away from the relaunch of David Lynch's seminal '90s mystery, "Twin Peaks" and hype is kicking into high gear.

And because it wouldn't really be "Twin Peaks" without obsessing over the fate of Laura Palmer, missing persons posters for the ill-fated homecoming queen have been appearing all over Australia. (Yes, we know they found her wrapped in plastic in like the first two minutes of the show. Just play along.)

It looks to be a spot of viral marketing by Australian streaming service Stan, who will be airing the show Down Under. But it didn't just stop at the posters. There's a phone number at the bottom. Australian fans can call the hotline number, where they'll hear a recording play and can leave a voice message after the tone. Spoilers: It's the show's theme music and creepy backward talking.

If you're not in Australia, now you finally know how it feels to try and watch something not available in your region. But we also recorded the call and deciphered the backward audio. Check it out in the video.

The third season of "Twin Peaks" premieres on May 21.