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'Twin Peaks' headed to Blu-ray, with tons of extras

Hold onto your logs! "Twin Peaks" is coming to Blu-ray this summer, complete with tons of never-before-seen content.

The log lady from Twin Peaks. ABC

My log saw something last night. It saw a disc, a blue disc, with never-before-seen scenes of Dale Cooper, Laura Palmer, and an assortment of characters from "Twin Peaks."

The definitive collection of the cult classic TV series is coming to DVD and Blu-ray on July 29, and it's being touted as the most complete version of the series yet. Not only does "Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery" feature all 30 episodes from the two-year series and the "Fire Walk With Me" full-length feature, but also the oft-demanded 90 minutes of long-lost footage shot for the "Fire Walk With Me" movie that's been the subject of high-profile fan petitions.

Check out the teaser video from Entertainment Weekly below, and ready your wallets for the collections' definitive release later this summer. But be warned, the owls are still not what they seem.

(Via A.V. Club)