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'Twin Peaks' confirmed to start shooting in September

Grab a cup of coffee and get ready for F.B.I. Agent Dale Cooper -- along with other "familiar faces" and other "big surprises" -- to delight fans as "Twin Peaks" begins filming next month for Showtime.

Shooting in September is a good sign more weirdness is on the way. ABC

The owls are not what they seem, but at least we can be for certain that Showtime's starts production this September.

This is great news for us fans that were worried the show would be held up from co-creator and director David Lynch leaving the project over creative differences, then thankfully returning to the production -- especially with the urging by the original cast.

"Shooting starts in September," Showtime tweeted on Aug. 11. "The donut truck is loaded late August. A coffee cup will indeed come through a window. #TwinPeaks"

In addition to original cast member Kyle MacLachlan returning "Twin Peaks," fans are eager to know who else will be making an appearance in the Showtime series.

Even actor David Duchovny wants to return to "Twin Peaks" as the cross-dressing DEA agent Dennis/Denise Bryson. However, the show's creators and Showtime execs are being coy about revealing which beloved characters will be back on the new series.

"You should be optimistic that the people that you want [back] will be there, and then there will be some surprises in addition," Showtime president David Nevins told the press at the Television Critics Association summer press tour last week, according to TVLine.

While the new "Twin Peaks" series was anticipated to air on Showtime in 2017, Nevins said that he's hoping for 2016.

Only the show's creators David Lynch and Mark Frost know for sure... and maybe the Log Lady.

In the meantime, "Twin Peaks" fans will have to be content with a novel by Frost that will help fill us in on what the characters have been up to for the last 25 years. Frost has partnered with publishing house Flatiron books on " The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks," which debuts in late 2015.