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'Twin Peaks' clothing wraps you in style, not plastic

Quirky Suckers Apparel fashion line that pays homage to the '90s cult classic is worthy of a night out at the Black Lodge.

Perfect for a ball in the Black Lodge!
Perfect for a ball in the Black Lodge!
Suckers Apparel

When it comes to this new Suckers Apparel fashion line that pays tribute to David Lynch's hit show "Twin Peaks," these dresses are not what they seem.

To the normal fashionista, the clothes come in bold colors and designs perfect for the runway. But those who worshiped the eccentric Lynch and his wild cast of characters will see something much more.

In the late '90s, we sat in front of our television sets, spellbound by FBI Agent Cooper drinking "damn fine" coffee and pontificating his wild theories about who would do harm to Laura Palmer -- a beautiful high school girl found dead and wrapped in plastic in the very first episode. Everything from the town's Great Northern hotel to the mysterious owls held clues to her killer, and we couldn't get enough.

"Twin Peaks" may have only lasted two seasons, but now thanks to Suckers Apparel's fine threads, we can continue to show off our love for the show's bizarre lineup of characters.

You don't have to be wrapped in plastic to channel your inner Laura Palmer. The fitted, hooded $189.99 Laura dress is inspired by her unfortunate demise.

The Laura dress is to die for. Suckers Apparel

Dance like you have more than one secret to share while wearing the $169.99 Fire Walk With Me dress, a velvet number with "lodge inspired pattern and heart cutout in the back." The site also sells leggings with a wood grain print that are suitable for Log Ladies everywhere, as well as "Who Killed Laura?" and 8-bit lodge print leggings.

Even the design of the bathroom walls in the Twin Peaks High School has its own stylish accessory with the $179.99 Smoking In The Girls Room Caplet.

Many of the items may be sold out or temporarily out of stock, so be sure to sign up for Sucker Apparel's newsletter for updates so you know when they have restocked their frocks. Fingers crossed for cherry pie leggings and owl dresses.

Do your best Audrey Horne bad girl impression with while wearing this Smoking the The Girls Room Caplet.
Do your best Audrey Horne bad girl impression with while wearing this Smoking in The Girls Room Caplet. Suckers Apparel