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'Twin Peaks' drops mysterious Agent Cooper teaser

More than 25 years have passed, but we're finally catching up with "Twin Peaks" hero Agent Cooper once again.

The town of Twin Peaks is almost ready to welcome viewers back into its weird and wonderful world.

Showtime this week finally announced a premiere date of May 21 for the first of 18 episodes. The network followed that news up with a short and shrouded teaser video showcasing Agent Dale Cooper, played by returning star Kyle MacLachlan.

Showtime shared the footage on social media on Friday along with the message: "FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper...25 years, 7 months, and 3 days later." It features the iconic "Twin Peaks" theme music along with dark images of trees, what appears to be a dirt road into a forest, and Cooper stepping forward with a very serious expression on his face. It wraps up with the town's welcome sign.

Showtime is taking a very measured approach to promoting the continuation of the series. We may not get a traditional trailer for the David Lynch-helmed show. We know who's in the cast and that there will be a lot of returning characters, but other details are scarce.

At least we've learned one thing: Cooper still likes his dark suits.

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