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Tweaks can't save low-buck LG's picture quality

While its light shade of black won't win over bargain home theater sticklers, the features and adjustability of LG H20 series stand out among the entry-level crowd.

LG's LH20 series has more picture adjustments than any TV in its class. Sarah Tew/CNET

We can't fault the LG LH20 series for trying.

The company's least expensive lineup of LCDs for 2009 offers more features than the competition, including the only USB port for digital photos and by far the best selection of picture adjustments. All of those tweaks allow users to dial in superb color, but color accuracy only goes so far when black levels look gray instead.

But as long as you don't expect deep blacks from your entry-level LCD (and why should you?), the LG LH20 series still has a lot to offer for a tempting price.

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