Twaggies greatest hits: Weird tweets get illustrated

A team of artists takes the funniest Twitter missives they can find and turns them into short comics that up the entertainment value considerably.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
Costco tweet illustration
Odd tweets get a new life. Twaggies

It used to be Twitter was all about text. We now have Vines and Instagrams to go with it, but letters and numbers are still the primary form of tweeting communication. Twaggies give tweets a visual lift thanks to a team of illustrators who take the funniest and weirdest tweets and turn them into little comics.

Twaggies add an extra blast of the surreal to tweets that are already outside the norm. The site has been around since 2009, when it started with some very crudely computer-drawn illustrations. Founder David Israel (@resila) had to admit to a lack of artistic skill, so Twaggies grew into a crowdsourced repository of images created by a couple dozen different artists.

There's no shortage of fodder for new Twaggies. The site is currently up to illustration No. 978. That's a whole lot of weird tweets over the years, ranging from the funny to the introspective. Subjects have crossed the paths of everything from "Star Wars" to the nature of cats.

If you're new to Twaggies, you'll be able to kill a whole lot of time browsing through the massive archive. Not ready to get lost in all those illustrations just yet? Check out our gallery of some prime Twaggies to whet your appetite for illustrated tweets.

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