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Turn your office expense reports into toilet paper

Ever feel like the paper you handle at work every day isn't worth wiping your butt with? Well, a Japanese machine can turn it all into toilet paper. Magically.

White Goat

If you've ever dreamed of sticking all that paperwork on your desk where the sun don't shine, a Japanese machine can turn it all into toilet paper for you.

Appropriately named White Goat, this device designed for the office can take regular letter-size paper or shreds, including that sales report you cursed until you were blue in the face, and transform it into nearly pristine rolls of white tissue.

White Goat was developed by Oriental Co., a small shredder maker based in Kiryu City, north of Tokyo, which says it's the first product of its kind in the world.

As seen in this vid from an ecological-products trade show in Japan last year, White Goat is very simple to use. All the user has to do is supply the machine with electricity, add paper and water, and remove the rolls of toilet paper when they're done. The pulping and rolling processes are automated.

It takes the machine 30 minutes to make one roll, and each roll is made up of about 40 sheets of paper. Oriental, which has applied for a patent on the tech, says White Goat can save about 60 trees annually.

It apparently aims to start selling the Goat this summer for about $100,600. The hefty price tag means it would take years to recoup the cost of toilet paper, but really--what price is too high for the pleasure of wiping your butt with your boss' memos?

(Via ZDNet)