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Turn your laptop into a hipster blackboard with this vinyl sticker

DrawAttention wants to make your laptop even more productive with the Blackboard, a decal that attaches to the back of your laptop and turns it into a functional blackboard.

The DrawAttention Blackboard turns your laptop into a walking chalkboard. DrawAttention/Emilia Gaston Photography

There's a new kind of laptop sticker in town, and this one turns your trusty computer into a billboard to proudly display your hipster side every time you work at the local coffee shop or co-working space.

The Blackboard by the startup company DrawAttention is a vinyl decal that affixes to the back of your laptop or Surface tablet, turning it into a blackboard that you can draw on with chalk, neon Expo dry-erase or opaque wet-erase pens. You can use these pens to create all sorts of hipster slogans and factoids or boast about your favorite craft beer or amazing local band.

Blackboards aren't for everyone -- for some people, chalk is so "totes awks," as a hipster might say. If whiteboards are more your style, DrawAttention released a whiteboard version of the decal earlier this year. You can order either version (or both, if you can't make up your mind), from the company's web store.

There are various sizes available that fit a wide range of laptops, and the price of the product in US dollars is the same as the display in your laptop -- $13 (about £8, AU $18) for a 13-inch laptop, $15 (about £10, AU $20) for a 15-inch laptop, and so on.

The company says the decal should come off your laptop without leaving any residue, but they recommend a case for extra protection. Because having sticky residue on your hipster laptop is definitely not on fleek.