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Turn your iPhone into a furry little monster

Dress your iPhone and iPad up in a little fur suit with ION-factory's fur covers. The snap-on cases can be groomed, stroked, and cooed over.

Ion fur case for iPhone
My Little iPhone.

Even electronics need to let their kink flags fly sometimes. Open-minded iPad and iPhone 4S owners can dress their devices up as furries with ION-factory's fur covers.

The Monster Fur Cover for the iPhone is a hard snap-on cover with a shock of artificial fur on the back. It comes in three colors: snow white, creamy camel, and schnauzer grey. Gotta dig that schnauzer grey.

Fur iPad case
At least it won't shed in the summer. (Click to enlarge.) ION-factory

The iPhone cover costs $40, while a leopard-print version for the iPad 2 costs $70. Ion encourages you to pamper your new flat tribble with combing and grooming. Your real-life Shih Tzu will soon become jealous of the care and affection you heap upon your smartphone.

The covers seem to be aimed at furries, Cute Overload addicts, and people whose leases don't allow pets.

The covers come with an odd warning: "Allergic reaction may occurred due to the fur material, please consider this product at your own risk." Since the fur is fake, I have to wonder what this is all about.

Do you have to worry about iPhone dander with this cover? Brushing it out regularly might help. Also, be sure to feed your iPhone a high-quality diet. Your local vet may be able to make recommendations.

(Via Chip Chick)