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Turn your cat into a fantasy warrior with 3D-printed armor

Your feline becomes a battle-ready dark knight with the simple addition of 3D-printed spiked armor.

Cat armor
Bobo the cat models the 3D-printed armor.
Print That Thing

You call your cat Fluffy. Your cat calls itself Sir Lord Claw-thor, Slayer of Rubber Bands, Hunter of Catnip Mice, Defender of Boxes. It's time for you to treat your cat like the brave warrior it believes itself to be. Your cat needs a set of 3D-printed battle armor.

The cat armor comes from Thingiverse user PrintThatThing. Thingiverse is a site full of user-created downloadable 3D designs. Bobo the cat is the recipient of the first suit of armor, which was printed in black plastic. It has an imposing look, like a cross between Batman's suit and The Hound's armor from "Game of Thrones."

The armor runs down the back in four major pieces held together with rivets to allow movement. A chest piece keeps everything in place. There are some thoughtful design touches, like a cat-tag ring on the chest plate and a detachable tail with a scorpion-style stinger design on the end.

This isn't the first time a cat has dressed for battle. Savagepunk Studio offers handmade leather armor for cats, but it's pretty pricey. Assuming you already have access to a 3D printer, the Print That Thing armor suit will only set you back the price of the plastic.

A video released on October 27 shows how the cat armor developed from sketches through 3D modeling and then onward to actual print production.

What we can learn from this project is that cats look great in battle armor. We also learned that Bobo the cat might be one of the most patient cats in existence. He doesn't seem to mind modeling the gear or showing it off with a public stroll on leash.

Any cat that wears this armor will strike fear into the hearts of scratching posts, laser pointers and feathers-on-a-stick. Beware! Sir Lord Claw-thor is here to shred your souls.

(Via Geeks are Sexy)