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Turn your bathtub into a disco party...that smells good

Bath balls from Japan.


Pink bubbles and rubber ducks can get a little bit boring sometimes, even if they're unconventional rubber ducks. And not all of us can afford to install a Hydro-Massage Bathtub with a built-in TV. So how can you liven up the in-tub entertainment? Of course, the answer comes out of Japan. TokyoMango has written up these flashing bath balls that might just be able to elevate the common bath to an ethereal level. You fill these little guys with bath salts, put them in the tub, and they'll float and release the nice-smelling salts while flashing their lights. Consequently, you can turn the lights down and enjoy the colorful display. Because everyone likes light shows.

And as a side note, TokyoMango blogger Lisa Katayama compared the appearance of the light-up bath balls to UFOs, which as we've seen are pretty much everywhere in the tech-design world these days.

Tip: To make the atmosphere even more super awesome, supplement the light show with a soundtrack courtesy of your iPod shower adapter. The obvious choice is Dark Side of the Moon, but I'd go for some vintage Bowie.