Turn our TV into a touchscreen? We're listening... (Tomorrow Daily 224)

Ashley and Khail investigate the Touchjet Wave and its goal of turning your TV into a huge touchscreen, discuss an action camera that automatically edits your footage for you and pine for a personal vehicle you can fit in your backpack.

Today, we found ourselves in an interesting place, surrounded by new products we're curious about, so we decided to do an entire show about stuff we want that isn't quite available yet.

First, the Touchjet Wave, a device that transforms your 20- to 80-inch television into a touchscreen. If you've ever though, "Gee, I'd like to have a 65-inch Android tablet," the Wave could be for you. If not, well, it's still pretty interesting, especially considering its relatively low price. Would you use a device like this? We're (at the very least) interested in seeing it in action.

Next, we're discussing Graava, an action camera that not only records your excursion, but uses algorithms to track points of interest during recording, and then automatically edits the footage into a cohesive highlights reel when you're finished shooting. If you've ever had to sort through hours of video to edit something simple, you know how frustrating it can be to make something quick and shareable, and Graava wants to help with that task.

Lastly, we're checking out WalkCar, which you might have seen wheeling around the Internet earlier this week. It's a portable personal vehicle, it's entirely electric, and it can fit inside a backpack. Yes, it's a little bit "Wall-E" in that it's enabling humans to be lazier than ever, but it's still an impressive engineering feat, not to mention it's easy on the eyes.

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224: Turn our TV into a touchscreen? We're listening...

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