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Turn junior into an indie filmmaker

Special-effects camcorder for kids is better than graffiti.


Any parent who's walked in on a kid playing Jackson Pollock on a wall in the house will appreciate this. Rather than bottle up that creative energy--not to mention the fingerpaint--it might be worth investing in one of these digital camcorders made especially for children, complete with 18 special effects and audio tracks that they can incorporate into their first noir classics.

Don't expect any full-length features with only 32MB of built-in memory, though it can be expanded by up to 2GB with an SD card. Once done, you can view the clips on the TV or computer screen rather than its tiny 1.5-inch LCD.

The $160 price disqualifies it as a "toy" by our definition, but it might be worth it when you consider how much money you'll be saving from not having to repaint the walls. Besides, think of all the dough you'll make on these early works when they make it big at Sundance.