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Turn iPhone photos into artwork with Pixuru

With the free Pixuru app for iPhone, you can purchase canvas, wood, metal, or framed prints of your Instagram masterpieces or any photo on your phone or Facebook.

Do you fancy yourself an Instagram artist? If you have masterpieces on Instagram, Facebook, or tucked away on your phone's camera roll that are begging for a spot on your living-room wall, give Pixuru a whirl. This free iPhone app lets you order a variety of prints. Pricing is reasonable, and Pixuru promises quick turnaround and free shipping. It also states that an expert will carefully review your work of art before shipping it to you. Photographers without iPhones, fear not. Pixuru also offers a Web app and says an Android app is coming soon.

The process of ordering a print with the iPhone app is quick and painless. After launching the app, I was also pleased to see that Pixuru offers a 10 percent discount off of your first order in exchange for you registering with an e-mail address. (This discount applies to your entire first order and not just the first print you order.)

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Ordering a print on Pixuru involves a quick, three-step process: pick a product, select a size, and then choose a photo.

Pixuru offers four types of prints: canvas, wood, metal, and framed. You can also choose larger three- and four-panel prints, and you can get your photo printed on an iPhone case.

After you choose your type of print, you then select the size. Sizes range from 6x6 inches to 30x40 inches.

When choosing a photo, you can grab one from Instagram, Facebook, or your phone itself. After loading a photo, you can't make any edits to it but you can pinch and swipe to scale and move it. There are also buttons to rotate the photo or the frame (if selecting a rectangular-shaped print).

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

When you have your photo all set, add it to your cart, and give Pixuru your address and credit card information. It promises to ship out your order within two days and have it at your doorstep a few days after that.

I ordered two small prints this afternoon -- one canvas and one wood -- and will update this post once they arrive to assess their quality.

(Via AppAdvice)