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Turn Instagram photos into an iPhone case

Casetagram allows Instagram users to show off their favorite personal photos as a case for their iPhones.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

Members of the popular photo-sharing app Instagram are finding unique and creative ways to use their retro photos outside of the app. Casetagram is the latest to come along and provide another outlet for budding photographers to share their work.

Casetagram allows you to create a custom iPhone case, displaying your own personal Instagram photos.

To begin creating your Casetagram case, visit the Web site and click on the "Try for Free!" button. You will then be asked to sign in to your Instagram account and authorize Casetagram to access your photos.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

After you have done that, you will be taken to a blank iPhone case, with a grid laid out on it. On the left side you can change the grid, the color, and the filter applied to your photos.

After you have selected a design combination you are happy with (don't worry, you can continue to change it and adjust it), you can either start placing photos on the case, or you can choose to let Casetagram randomly place photos from your Instagram feed.

Click to enlarge Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

Along the bottom of the screen you will see your Instagram photos lined up. Placing them onto the case you are designing is as simple as dragging and dropping. Notice the arrows on either end of the photo lineup; clicking on either one will allow you to browse through all of your photos.

An example case created using my Instagram photos randomly. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

When you are finished, click on Save. You will see a progress bar pop up while your case is saved. Once the magic is over, you will be presented with a "Buy Now" button.

The Casetagram cases start at $34.95 and top out at $39.95, depending on case color.