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TurboExcel shifts to new name

Savvysoft changes the name of its Excel add-on to end a trademark dispute with Microsoft.

After finding itself in a three-year dispute with Microsoft, Savvysoft wanted to make darn sure it didn't pick a fight with anyone else.

Microsoft had taken issue with the small New York company's use of the name TurboExcel for its software, which turns Excel spreadsheets into Web services or computer code, allowing calculations to be done faster and over the Web.

After hearing from Microsoft's lawyers back in 2004, it has become a part-time job for Savvysoft workers to try to come up with a new name for the product.

Marketing director LeeAnn Chen estimates the 35-employee company has registered more than 200 domain names, only half-joking that it has become "one of Network Solutions' best customers."

On Tuesday, the company announced the fruits of its search--and a settlement with Microsoft. TurboExcel will henceforth be known as Calc4Web.

Another name, Calc2Web had done almost as well in the company's test marketing, which consisted of buying keyword ads for things like Excel and Web Services and seeing which name got the best click-through.

However, the company was leery of any litigation and noticed that Google had bought a company called XL2Web.

"This whole experience has made us very afraid of any possible litigation," Chen said. "We didn't want Google to come after us."