Tunes via cheekbones, under water

The SwiMP3 won't miss a beat while you do laps

After posting an item about water-resistant music players, we started to wonder how many situations would require them. Then we saw the SwiMP3 on Shiny Shiny.

This waterproof player not only affixes directly to your head via goggles--which are provided, by the way, though you can use your own--but it also sends soundwaves through your cheekbones to enhance underwater listening. Judging by the photo, it's not the most flattering accoutrement, but you'll presumably be submerged while wearing it.

The SwiMP3 isn't cheap. It retails for $250, though it's available at lower prices. But if you're a regular swimmer who gets bored easily, this may help the laps go a bit faster.

(Update: We've been told that this product has been out for awhile--more than a year, actually. Our apologies for missing it. See CNET's review here.)

(Photo: Finis)