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Tumblr takes a morning stumble

The hyped-up blogging platform experiences errors when a member tries to post a photo--not the greatest news for a young, high-profile company.

For quite some time I've been playing with Tumblr, the latest darling of the New York tech scene.

Tumblr (earlier coverage here), founded by 21-year-old David Karp, has been making headlines because of its interesting not-quite-a-blog-platform format and its big-name investors: Union Square Ventures, Spark Capital, Next New Networks co-founder Fred Seibert, and Vimeo founder Jakob Lodwick. (Lodwick recently started a Tumblr blog with his girlfriend, Star magazine editor-at-large Julia Allison, and everyone around the Alley likes to pretend they don't read it.)

I like Tumblr. I think it could be a whole lot more "social," since the friends list function does leave quite a bit to be desired, and I'm still not quite sure how exactly the company plans to make money. But on the positive side, it's simple, fun, and aesthetically pleasing. I also have quite a few friends who have been jumping on board; Tumblr seems to appeal to "creative" types as well as Web 2.0 early adopters, so it makes for a fun mix.

Yikes! All I wanted to do was share a photo of my hair! Tumblr

Unfortunately, on Tuesday morning I was attempting to upload an extremely awesome photo to my Tumblr account--to be more specific, visual proof of how badly I need a haircut--and I was greeted with repeated error messages. Ouch. Is my hair really that atrocious?

It finally worked after about 10 minutes of trying (yes, I was that desperate to show the world a photo of me with my bangs falling past my cheekbones), so I'm glad that Karp & co. are being attentive about monitoring glitches. Microblogging platform Twitter, after all, was plagued by downtime in its early days, which some might connect to the fact that it has still failed to expand beyond the early adopter "nerd herd" (credit NBC's Chuck). Let's hope Tumblr scores a better shot.

By the way, I still need a haircut.