TSA confiscates post-apocalyptic, bullet-adorned gas mask

The TSA doesn't appreciate a traveler's unusual fashion sense when it discovers a cyberpunk-style gas mask in a carry-on bag.

You're packing your carry-on bag to catch a flight at the Miami airport. Naturally, you're sure to include underwear, a toothbrush and a post-apocalyptic, spiked, bullet-emblazoned brass-colored gas mask tucked in with your business apparel.

The Transportation Security Administration was amused to discover a very strange decorative gas mask in a carry-on bag last week. The mask is similar to ones sold online with keywords like "biohazard," "cosplay," "Halloween" and "cyberpunk."

"Maybe he was catching a-one way flight to #FuryRoad?" the agency asked in an Instagram post detailing the odd find. The TSA's "Mad Max: Fury Road" reference shows that whoever runs its Instagram account has a sense of humor.

Regular gas masks are allowed in carry-on luggage, but this particular mask didn't pass inspection due to the replica bullets extending from the front. Keep that advice in mind next time you pack up a post-apocalyptic outfit before a US flight.