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Trying (and failing) to drown a ruggedized Android phone

Crave's Eric Mack is on a mission to push a military-grade smartphone endorsed by survivalist Bear Grylls to its limit. Watch his first attempt in Colorado's white water.

The torture tester was more likely to drown than the torture testee on this particular day in Colorado.
Eric Mack/CNET

Summer is over, but I've been trying to extend those sweet dog days by running around the country looking for ways to contribute to the destruction of a completely innocent smartphone. The fine folks at Kyocera loaned me a sample of their ruggedized, military-grade, Bear Grylls-endorsed 4G Android phone, the Torque, with a license to stretch it to the limits without any fear of destroying it.

Either I will break this phone, or I will be broken trying.

For more on the Torque itself, which is actually a bargain on Sprint right now, read our full review. To see how it (and I) survive the white water of Colorado's San Juan River, check out the video:

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