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Hear Trump's tweets played like an early 2000s emo song

My Political Romance. Wall Out Boy. GOP Eat World. Republic! at the Disco.

President Trump's penchant for taking to Twitter to voice his opinions has become something of a sticking point, with his running commentary hitting on everything from his response to court rulings to his stance on Meryl Streep.

YouTube comedy channel Super Deluxe found the tweets reminiscent of something else: Early 2000s emo music. And when you're dealing with unfiltered, raw emotion, it might have a point. As anyone who spent the early 2000s pasty white, in need of a haircut and angry at the world can attest, the song is pretty dead-on.

And so it did the only natural thing. It turned the tweets into an angry, early-2000 emo song.

It's far from the only comedy outlet mining the Trump administration for material these days. Late night TV host Stephen Colbert weighed in on Trump's potential ownership of bathrobes and "Saturday Night Live," has been riding the satire wave with Alec Baldwin's portrayal of Trump and Melissa McCarthy's Press Secretary Sean Spicer to six-year ratings highs. The "really bad television" show also gets a callout in the song, thanks again to Trump's tweeting.

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