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Trump executive-order generator lets you lay down the law

Join the Donald Trump meme fun with a project on GitHub that lets you craft the executive-order text you want him to sign.

Make it so.
hepwori/text, screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

US President Donald Trump is fond of executive orders, as proven by the flurry of signings on everything from immigration to infrastructure projects since he took office January 20. Anyone can now get in on the executive-order fun with an online generator that lets you choose the text.

The project comes from user hepwori on the code-hosting platform GitHub, which this week reportedly organized a meeting of tech companies to discuss legal challenges to the immigration ban.

The generator is simple to use. It shows a photo of Trump holding up an executive order. Click on the existing text, which encourages you to "Click me. Edit me. Make me horrifying." Then replace it with your own words. You can change the text size if you have a lot to say.

Trump's orders have become the subject of internet memes, including a Trump Draws parody Twitter account that transforms the orders into toddler-quality sketches.

Hepwori encourages the generator's users to take a screenshot and share it on Twitter. If you're in need of ideas for your ideal executive order, you can always do like I did and mine the rich history of Monty Python.

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