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Turn 'Trump' and 'Clinton' into poo emoji with browser extensions

Make your browser great again and grow stronger together by replacing references to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton with adorable poop piles.

This is what you see when you try to visit Trump's website.
Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

The smiling poop emoji is the hero the US deserves.

As the bizarre, contentious presidential campaign drags on, our web browsers are packed to the gills with references to controversies and personal attacks. Browser extension Firewall Trump wants to poopify your internet experience by turning all references to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump into the poo emoji.

Firewall Trump doesn't discriminate. Any appearance of the word "trump," as in "playing a trump card," will get automagically transformed into a smiling pile of poo. The extension has another trick up its sleeve. It blocks the official Trump for President website, replacing it with a suggestion to make donations to nonprofit organizations.

Firewall Trump, which we spotted via The NextWeb, isn't the only Trump-replacement extension out there. Detrumpify for Chrome and Firefox swaps out the candidate's name for descriptive phrases like "New Superfood Made of Finely-Ground Clown Wigs."

Gary Johnson fans and anyone who's simply tired of politics in general can check out the Politicians to Poop Chrome extension. It lets you control which politicians' names get censored into the poo emoji. All candidates are fair game.

If you're looking for an extension that blocks Hillary Clinton specifically, a Hillary Blocker Chrome extension wipes out obvious online references to the Democratic presidential nominee. Install it, load up CNN's site and behold the empty spaces where Clinton articles should be. It doesn't catch all instances, though. A headline for "WikiLeaks' new Clinton-related emails" remains.

So what happens if you install all of these extensions at the same time? I tried it and then went to The New York Times home page, which had more poo scattered across it than a cow pasture. The headlines make very little sense, but you get to enjoy the sight of happy little poo piles brightening your browsing day.

You can always turn the extensions off if you want to get back to poring over the political news. In the meantime, just enjoy the oasis of poo emoji grinning through the stress of our US election year.


Turn politics to poo.

Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET