Trump campaign turns to Instagram and the Trump kids to win over young voters

Technically Incorrect: An ad targeted at millennials attempts to show that the three adult Trump children are what those millennials should aspire to be.

Chris Matyszczyk
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Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

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A winning sell?

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Donald Trump hasn't quite become the rock star with millennials that he is with more discerning types.

Neither has Hillary Clinton.

Recent polling suggests that 37 percent of the young and restless have a strongly unfavorable opinion of the Democratic candidate. Then again, 50 percent feel the same strongly negative way about her Republican opponent.

How can the Trump campaign address this troubling trend in the race to the bottom?

On Friday, it offered a twin-pronged attack.

First, it posted an ad to Instagram. Second, the ad featured not Trump's magisterial features, but those of his three most well-known adult children.

Posted to Donald Trump Jr's account, the ad shows the three kids staring sternly into the camera, as if they represent the hope and change millennials can believe in.

The headline reads: "This is not a Republican vs. Democrat election. This is about an insider versus an outsider." It's accompanied by the hashtags #millennialsfortrump and #studentsfortrump.

This is all quite persuasive. At the start of Trump's quest, the outsider argument was even very persuasive.

Over time, however, I fear his outsider status has been clouded by his rather more rugged pronouncements on everything from Mexicans to Muslims to his hands and other appendages. These all seemed outside the boundaries of, oh, a certain civility.

Millennials warm to rugged terrain, rather than rugged invective clearly designed to outrage.

Reaction on Instagram to the ad has been extensive.

Some, like a person with the handle laporting4duty, see Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric as "beautiful American success stories."

Others, though, wonder about these comely, successful children as outsiders.

As an Instagrammer who goes by the name district_kelsey mused, "How does generations of inherited wealth possibly make you an outsider?"

It's hard to see how dressing your kids up to look like your average Wall Street banker will make them suddenly create a mass swarm toward your camp.

On Twitter, the image has been compared to a Men's Wearhouse ad. You're going to like the way they run things. They guarantee it.

There was also the perhaps inevitable sci-fi comparison, with their steely stares suggesting a darker force within.

Oddly, someone was convinced he'd seen these kids in the "Village of the Damned."

The real issue here is whether millennials will vote at all. If the surprising -- to some -- Brexit vote is anything to go by, their considerable distaste for both candidates might mean they'll just stay in bed on polling day.

Or go for a hike and post some things to Instagram, of course.