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Trivialities: The New York NewTeeVee scene, Mark Cuban's budding dance career

Looking at the first-ever New York edition of the GigaOm-hosted film events, and the season premiere of 'Dancing with the Stars'

On Monday night, just about everybody involved in online video in New York headed to a remotely located loft space in the post-industrial West Chelsea neighborhood for the Gotham edition of the NewTeeVee Pier Screenings, hosted by Valley blogebrity Om Malik of GigaOm and the rest of his blogger crew. Well, they weren't actually on a pier, but the event space had a great view of the Hudson, so we'll let that count. Spotted were folks from Mogulus, Vimeo, GroundReport, and a handful of well-known broadcast brands, as well as sponsors Metacafe, Next New Networks, and

Because of a certain little Bungie Entertainment product launch tonight, this reporter couldn't stick around too long. When I left, the most notable bit of party gossip was something that another reporter pointed out to me: the fact that Vimeo founder and official screening judge Jakob Lodwick, whom the entire Internet knows is is newly single, was spending quite a bit of time talking to Wallstrip poster girl Lindsay Campbell. Take that as you will--if you even care.

In other news, zillionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban won't be fully showcased on the glitzy reality show Dancing with the Stars until Tuesday night because it's a "three-night premiere." The ABC reality show announced that Monday night's episode spotlights on the female contestants alone. But we did learn that Cuban's dance partner is a busty blonde named "Kym," and that when the camera was on the goateed Dallas Mavericks owner, he gave a thumbs-up and wiggled his hips.