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Trippy 3D-printed glasses let you swap looks often

A Shanghai-based designer creates a line of colorful eyeglasses that would fit right into a comic book or abstract painting. Are we looking at the future of specs?

Biz Eyes

There are those who like to wear subtle eyeglasses, and those who prefer frames that make a statement. If your statement is something along the lines of "I like bright pink sea anemones attached to my face," these 3D-printed glasses might be a perfect fit.

The specs come from designer and architect Nasim Sehat, creator of a line of far-out 3D-printed glasses that look like they'd fit right into a comic book or abstract painting. They're unusual not only in appearance, but in versatility.

Should you tire of yellow butterflies flying out from your nose toward your temples, for example, you can easily mix up your look. The various Biz Eyes designs attach to a basic eyeglass frame and can be swapped out simply by turning the attachment 25 degrees and screwing on another one. You can even sport a different style on each eye.

Sehat, who was raised in Iran, learned 3D-printing techniques at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia in Barcelona. She's now based in Shanghai, where she's "exploring the chaos, weirdness and beauty of the Far East," according to her site.

She calls Biz Eyes a "daring and cosmopolitan means of expressing your own individuality" inspired by pop culture, including superheroes and villains (some of the styles definitely have the look of a classic comics bam/thwack/pow impact). The innovative frames would clash well with some of the other crazy 3D-printed fashions we've seen, such as shoes that look like alien life forms and dresses like take their inspiration from luxury cars.

Biz Eyes are now available for preorder, ranging in price from $95 (about £62, AU$129) to $120 (£78, AU$163), and they ship internationally. The basic eyeglass frame is made from transparent resin, and the attachments themselves are printed in white nylon and resin. And gumption of course.