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TripAdvisor lets hungry tourists order food while overseas

The travel app is partnering with on-demand food service Deliveroo to enable the feature in 12 countries.

Barcelona, Spain, will be one of the cities where you'll be able to get food delivered to you. 

Hungry and stuck in a foreign land, but too lazy to go to a restaurant? TripAdvisor now has you covered. 

The company said Tuesday that it has partnered with London-based on-demand food service Deliveroo to offer its users the ability to order food directly from the TripAdvisor app while abroad. The partnership makes the service available in more than 140 cities across 12 countries. Deliveroo works with more than 20,000 restaurant partners. 

You've always been able to look up the best-rated restaurants on the TripAdvisor app in foreign cities. But the partnership takes away the annoying bit of actually going there. Instead, you'll be able to hit an "order online" button next to the restaurant listing and get it delivered to your hotel, Airbnb apartment or wherever you're staying. 

This follows a similar deal it signed in May with GrubHub to offer delivery service in the US. 

Sure, you'll miss the opportunity to explore a new city. But sometimes you just want to kick back and be lazy. 

Here's where it's available: United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.