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Trigger a beer bubbles explosion at the push of a button

Get your froth on with Sonic Hour, a gadget that shakes up your beer to produce a huge foam head from the bottom up.

Sonic Hour
Fluff up the top of your beer.
Takara Tomy Arts

When I pour a beer, I'm always aiming to minimize the mound of foam on top. Apparently, there are people who covet that foam, who can't get enough. Those are the same people who can't wait to buy the $40 Sonic Hour, a new gadget that ramps up the foam factor at the push of a button.

Sonic Hour appears to be the work of the same people who created the Professional Beer Foam Making Mug. They've just gone a little more high-tech this time. While the mug used a little hammer to physically excite the beer bubbles, Sonic Hour uses the power of ultrasonic oscillation.

To get the foam functioning, you first have to pour a little water onto the top of the Sonic Hour platform. Set a glass of beer on top. Push the button and watch the foam explode to the top. Now, jump in there and try to suck it down before you make a big beer mess everywhere.

For the perfect beer gadget cocktail, I would suggest cooling your beer with a Chillsner, foaming it up with the Sonic Hour, and then charging your phone with the Epiphany One Puck.

If you're still not convinced of the foam fun factor, then check out the weird promotional video full of people gasping in amazement as the gadget does its work.

(Via RocketNews24)