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Trendnet intros new four-port wireless N media bridge

Trendnet announces a new multiple port wireless N bridge.

Trendnet's new wireless N bridge, the TEW-640MB.
TrendNet's new wireless N bridge, the TEW-640MB. TrendNet

If you're looking to connect those Ethernet-ready game consoles or set-top boxes to your wireless network, there are two ways: get a wireless dongle from the original vendor or get a wireless bridge.

For the latter, there's now another choice.

Trendnet, just announced Thursday a new 300Mbps Wireless N Media bridge, model TEW-640MB, that supports the dual-stream wireless N with a cap speed of 300Mbps. The device works with any wireless router. It is designed to hook any device with a network port into the wireless network.

The new bridge is one of a few on the market that comes with four network ports, meaning it can handle four Ethernet-ready devices at a time right out of the box. This is a great feature if you want to connect multiple devices to one place, such as to your entertainment center.

According to Trendnet, the TEW-640MB sports the latest in wireless encryption technology to ensure security, advanced Multiple Input Multiple Output antenna technology, and Quality of Service features that prioritize Internet traffic for gaming, Internet calls, or video streams.

The device also supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup, which allows it to be hooked to a wireless network via the press of a button.

The TEW-640MB comes with a three-year warranty and is available this month at the estimated price of around $70.