Trend Micro announces SecureCloud

Company will provide a variety of security services over the Internet for small and midsize businesses and the enterprise market.

Robert Vamosi Former Editor
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Robert Vamosi

Expanding on its consumer-software-as-a-service efforts, Trend Micro announced on Sunday SecureCloud for small and midsize businesses and the enterprise market. The idea is to provide clients with a range of services without requiring them to install software.

Services available include e-mail reputation, e-mail hosting, and botnet ID service. The latter will allow ISPs to filter command and control messages sent by customer's compromised machines. One feature on the site is an IP reputation search; type in an IP address and Trend Micro will tell you whether the address can be trusted.

At present only two servers in the U.S.--east and west--are up and running. Plans include additional servers in Europe/Middle East/Africa region in the third quarter, Taiwan in the fourth quarter, and Japan in first quarter of 2008.